President Trump says his new slogan will be "Keep America Great." Do you think its because Kanye West is wearing make america great again hat?..

Trump announces in Indiana rally earlier this week he is changing his slogan from "Make america great again" to "Keep america great."

Do you think its a coincidence that trump is changing his slogan after Kanye shows his support?.. 


Slovenian People Guess Chicago Slang ft. Donterio Hundon | /Slanguage/

People Guess Chicago Slang ft. Donterio Hundon

Donterio Chicagos very own quiz two people from overseas on Chicago slang. 
Such slang as fefe, fo and nem, sawbuck etc. 
Chicago like any other city with a mass ghetto neighborhoods has very unique slang.

Check it out here.  


The weekend drops H&M deal due to racist sweater ad with young black boy.

The Weekend who recently took a deal with H&M and was in various ads woke up this morning to see the picture above in an H&M ad that is obviously racist. Honestly whoever put this shoot together didn't find putting a young black boy in a hoodie labeling himself as a "monkey" wouldn't be offensive, really?..  

The Weekend took to twitter this morning tweeting 

"woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photo. I'm deeply offended and will not be working with H&M anymore."